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I can’t stress enough how important the Gropius Master workshops have been to me as an artist and as a teacher, and the lasting impact of that work you all do to make it happen. These workshops are such a bright spot in my life.
Benjy Davies,
Barbara Takenaga workshop April 2018
This is exactly what I needed and need for the future. Access to this time of interaction over an extended period of time is what every serious artist needs. Having said that, Abe Morell is a unique artist. He is clearly able to guide his students in a caring and thoughtful way. I won’t soon forget this wonderful experience.
Betsy Litton,
Abelardo Morell workshop June 2016
Seeing and understanding the artist’s process allows me to think more about how I explore form and where I gather inspiration for my own work. 
Allison Sullivan,
Dan Anderson workshop April 2017
In many ways, the sense of community is unreal. The conversations that were discussed was just as important as creating the work. Abe is (an) incredible artist who motivates me to continue to try, fail, and succeed. I’m very impressed with the knowledge I obtained. I think and know this will benefit me for the rest of my life. ​
Andrew Gornik,
Abelardo Morell workshop June 2016
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